Then begins

Then begins Under the influence of heat vessels of skin extend: the warmed blood gives through them to environment the heat.

Then begins on the tootdeleniye, is spent for its evaporation a lot of heat, it predotvrashcha et overheating of an organism.

Heat relaxes muscles, slows down about exchange tsessa, so decreases and development is warm.

So, we came to a conclusion that water procedures at the correct their organizations are the strong training means, which for kalivat and strengthens an organism.

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Compare descriptor Nye praise.

Such method demands time and practice, but in a root changes on maintaining children.

Compare the following examples.

What of them yes et to the child sufficient information necessary for it that to behave in a different way in the future?

Yes not also!

You will be cut!

or If you hold a knife here so, will not touch with it fingers.

Even in need of momentary instructions them it is possible to formulate more positively and effectively.

Compare: Do not cross the road!

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If is not present, postaray

If is not present, postaray If is not present, postaray tes to establish.

Perhaps, your child counts on lulling a sign ly?


The lulling signals Perhaps, at the kid teeth are cut?

Perhaps, the kid is overstrained?

Carry out with it a little time in silence and rest, look at the book with the picture mi.

Reflect on dream frequency whether enough the kid sleeps in the afternoon?

Needs of babies change with age, poe to that it is not excluded that you need to reconsider it is got ny mode.

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If we, eventually, are able

If we, eventually, are able It is a stage of the conflicts between spouses, a boleznenkny stage.

If we, eventually, are able to find golden mean to care of comfort, wellbeing of close people, children in this case, not to the detriment of the individual values and the purposes, there comes the interdependence stage.

It is necessary to look at manifestation of negative emotions of the child not from the point of view of two extremes: with us something not so, we are bad parents or with the child something not so, he should be conducted to the psychologist or the psychiatrist.

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T y too changed, the butterfly

T y too changed, the butterfly On became a branch light, as with the first beams sun.

What you are a beauty!

exclaimed Zhuzhik.

T y too changed, the butterfly answered.

It is visible, all tried Svetlyntrava.

Means, you are not afraid any more darkness?

Arakhtelkivorona t carried on all wood on tryasayushchy news: poyavit sya the daredevil who ventured to eat Svetlyntrava!

All came to look at the hero.

Wolves and bears, owls and eagle owls were surprised to courage of a small bug and looked at it with great respect.

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